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I haven’t exactly been great about keeping y’all up with what I’ve been reading lately–life got crazy and I just had no energy for it, to be honest (change in meds is helping, that’s for sure). But I do read–a lot–and not just books (I’ve actually slowed way down on my novel reading this year because, hey, I have a book I need to write and release). So I figured I would share some stuff I’ve found interesting recently, and that I figured y’all might enjoy, too. 🙂

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Loving a Highly Creative Person

All of these pretty much apply to me, especially the part about speaking in stories. I once had a boss chastise me for speaking in stories (despite the fact that I’m in marketing, and storytelling is actually a big part of marketing), even though there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that ever changing.

Having It All Kinda Sucks

I’m not a big HuffPo fan (bet y’all never would have guessed that *wink*), but this editorial was so incredibly spot-on. I firmly believe that “having it all” is the biggest lie our generation’s been told–and it’s doing so much harm.

Why Taylor Swift’s Grammy Acceptance Speech Is Required Listening for CEOs

By now you’ve probably at least heard about Taylor Swift’s diss of Kanye West at the Grammys Monday night. And odds are if you didn’t watch the Grammys you found the video on YouTube and totally watched it there (I may or may not have done that…). Along with being a powerful statement about hard work, it was also a perfect example of how to reclaim your power–and that’s awesome.

Customer Letter to Apple

I fully applaud Tim Cook and Apple for standing up for privacy. It’s such a slippery slope, and Cook is right–all it would take is that backdoor program getting into the hands of one wrong person and it would be like opening Pandora’s Box.

Microchip used to build a first-ever artificial kidney

Obviously, this is a topic near and dear to my heart, and I tend to keep pretty close tabs on the various things that are in development and being researched right now to help those living with kidney disease. I knew about the project at Vanderbilt, but it hasn’t gotten as much press attention as another artificial kidney project in Southern California. This is so incredibly cool, though, and gives me hope that one day patients living with kidney disease will have more options than dying, being hooked up to a machine 12+ hours a week, or receiving a transplant.

9 Author Website Trends You Need to Know About

I’ll be honest, some of these had me thinking, “Welcome to 2005, folks.” But then again, I’ve been programming websites since Angelfire was a thing back in the late ’90s. 😛 If there’s one thing I would like to add to this list, though, it would be accessibility. I really, really wish more authors (and people in general) would create websites with accessibility in mind.

Meet Ashley Graham, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s First “Plus Size” Cover Girl

Full disclosure: Caridad in Hair Trigger Heart is totally modeled after Ashley Graham body and looks-wise. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s so awesome to see her on the cover of SI’s Swimsuit Issue (and Rhonda Rousey, too–yay for different body types!).

February 2016 Author Earnings Report

I love it when these things come out because it’s always fascinating (and helpful) to have an honest look at the industry. And, yeah, I think it’s pretty cool, too, that my books are now counted in their calculations. 😉

Left Wing Bias in Publishing: Your Wrongthink Will Be Punished!

For my controversial link of the day… *g* Agree with Correia or not politically, censorship is wrong. Sure, we may not be getting the entire story from Nick Cole–that’s not for me to say–but on the face of it from his retelling it sure seems like there was some censorship going on. Yes, a publisher has the right to not publish a book for any reason. Capitalism’s great like that, yo. But it’s definitely something to at least think about. How tolerant are we really as a society when we get our panties in a twist over one chapter that contains a thought you don’t agree with?

And, my favorite funny of the week:

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