This is probably going to be a fairly quick progress update. July, so far, has kind of sucked as far as writing stuff goes, mostly because of what I wrote about last week. Basically it boils down to this: we’ve been home like four days the entire month of July. The rest of it has been spent in the hospital (which is always a fun time *rolls eyes*), in Dallas at various and sundry doctor’s appointments, and a quick trip out to the ranch this past weekend since we desperately needed to fill feeders.

I’m not entirely sure how many miles we’ve put on the truck in the past few weeks, but it’s a lot. And quite frankly, I’ve been exhausted.

The past month hasn’t all been a loss, though. I’ve gotten a little bit written on Hair Trigger Heart (I honestly don’t have my numbers in front of me, but I think it’s around 5,000 words), and I keep thinking about the story and mulling over things. This one is not coming easily to me. *sigh* It’ll get done, though–and it’ll be released on time. I have a publication date for it, so I know what my deadline is. And for me, there’s nothing like a deadline to get my ass in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

The biggest project I’ve completed is doing a read-through of Big Girls Need Love Too and making some edits, and then getting the cover designed. This was a hard cover to design, y’all. I think I have at least 50 different cover mockups for it, which is kind of insane. BUT, I have a cover, and it will be revealed tomorrow. So keep your eyes on this blog and my Facebook page for that. 😀

loved a book leave a reviewWith progress updates out of the way, I need to ask y’all for a huge favor: if you’ve read Between the Seams or Baseball and Other Lessons, could you please leave a review? I hate asking for reviews–hate it–but they’re super important to a book’s success and I have a feeling the lack of reviews for Baseball and Other Lessons especially is hurting it. What that means is that basically, reviews help sell books. That’s the super condensed version. The longer version is that readers typically don’t give books with few reviews a chance, because hey, books cost money and wouldn’t we all prefer to spend our hard-earned money on something that looks like more of a sure thing? Of course we would. So the more reviews (and good ones, at that–I’m not gonna lie here *wink*) a book has, the more likely someone is to buy it, or at least download the sample which tends to lead to a purchase.

And it’s not just about making money, either. If I want to advertise with most of the big ebook advertisers my books have to have a certain amount of reviews. For some places that’s 7, others it’s 10, and some it’s higher than that. When you start looking at getting something like a Bookbub spot, the more reviews and higher the rating the better. Bookbub spots are extremely hard to get (especially for romance, because there are simply a crap ton of romance novels out there), and they give preferential treatment to books that have A LOT of reviews.

And this doesn’t just apply to advertising, either. There are quite a few book bloggers who won’t reviews book that don’t have X amount of reviews, especially if that book’s been released for more than three months (so in the case of Baseball and Other Lessons I’m fine, but for Between the Seams I’m not). Granted, I haven’t really tried to reach out to book bloggers, but it’s something I’m considering moving forward, which means I need my books to present themselves well, which means good reviews and more of them.

This writing and book promotion business is complicated, y’all. 😉 So if you would be willing to leave either or both books a review, I would really, really appreciate it and love you forever and be your very best friend in the whole wide world and stuff.

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