Indie Book Design – Pre-MadeĀ  Covers

One thing I want to try and offer is different pre-made covers. Not different because they’re strange or anything, but different because there’s a distinct lack of non-typical models on pre-made romance novel covers. You all know what I’m talking about–most romance novel covers feature thin, beautiful people (male and female) with perfect smiles and some version of white skin. Which is fine–there are A LOT of romance novels out there that feature those types of characters.

But what about those of us who write non-typical characters? I’m talking plus-size heroines, average size/curvy heroines, and interracial couples, which are two things I unintentionally have ended up writing on what’s looking like will be a consistent basis. Heroines with short hair. Blonde hair (there are a lot of willowy brunettes with long, flowing hair out there, apparently). Red hair. Curly hair. Freckles. Tattoos. Heroes who aren’t necessarily rocking washboard abs or proudly displaying their V-cut (again, y’all know what I’m talking about). Heroes from different races. Different heights. Hell, different occupations.

Right now it’s a small collection, and I plan on building it gradually, so check back often for new designs. If you’re interested in purchasing one of my pre-made covers, email me with the cover name. When you click on the cover, a larger version will open, which includes pricing info and the cover name. All listed prices are for eBook covers only (compatible with all retailers). If you also need a print cover, please indicate that in your email, and refer to my pricing page for information on that. Small changes can be made for no fee (such as font), but customizations will be an additional price depending upon the extent of work involved. Like what you’ve seen but want something custom? Shoot me an email, and we’ll talk.


bounce $60
In Pieces $60
Invincible $60
The Truth About Dating $60
Nobody's Angel $60 | Nobody's Set: $160
Nobody's Baby $60 | Nobody's Set: $160
Nobody's Girl $60 | Nobody's Set: $160
Unsinkable $60
Say You Will $60
Love Me Again $60
Hold Me Close $60
Give Me Love $60
Don't Let Go $60
Back to You $60
Close to Heaven $60
Love Story $60
Because of You $60 | Tuscany Falls Series $160
Catch My Breath $60 | Tuscany Falls Series $160
Piece by Piece $60 | Tuscany Falls Series $160
Irresistible $60
Irresistible Part 1 $60 | Irresistible Series $160
Irresistible Part 2 $60 | Irresistible Series $160
Irresistible Part 3 $60 | Irresistible Series $160
Irresistible Part 4 $60 | Irresistible Series $160

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