Hair Trigger Heart

Devils Ranch Book Three

Love’s a shot in the dark…

Owen Daniels is a simple man. He has his friends, two thriving businesses, and a kick ass house he renovated himself. He also talks to his dead mom on a regular basis and can’t get a certain curvy brown-eyed woman out of his head. Not to mention the fact that the former soldier and National Guardsman isn’t quite the ladies’ man his friends think he is. Okay, so maybe he isn’t that simple after all.

Women’s Three Gun Champion Caridad Mathews is back home in Del Rio, Texas, after leaving seven years ago with a vow to never return. But she’s just inherited her abuela’s house and lost her apartment in Dallas, so back home it is while she tries to get her life back together. The last thing she needs is a sexy ginger distracting her and trying to fight her battles for her.

But as Owen and Caridad unearth long-buried secrets, neither can deny the attraction that burns hot between them. Can Caridad learn that trust and vulnerability don’t always lead to heartache and pain? And can Owen break down his own walls and accept that he can’t save everybody?

Hair Trigger Heart Playlist

Every now and then something I hear will wiggle its way into my brain, take hold, and refuse to leave.

Such was the case the very first time I heard “Speak of the Devil” by The Randy Rogers Band. I mean, I loved the song and the sadness of it, the gorgeous melody. But there was also a phrase that made me turn to my husband and say, “Holy shit, that would make such a great title for a book.” And thus, the title of Hair Trigger Heart.

With a title like that, I knew that I had to do it justice. Especially considering the song that served as inspiration for said title. And when I took into consideration the fact that my hero was Owen? Oh, yeah. I knew this book wasn’t going to be like my others.

And it wasn’t.

It’s different subject matter-wise, character-wise, and musically. Owen’s very much a Texas Country loving, blue collar guy. That’s reflected in the songs that best represent him (17-29). Caridad is complex (not that Owen isn’t), scarred in ways that surprised even me, and a survivor. That’s reflected in the songs that best represent her (the first 16 on this playlist). It was completely accidental that all but one of those songs was by a female artist.

In some ways, I think this might be my most emotional book playlist, and I think it’s also the deepest (although Baseball and Other Lessons does give it a run for its money). There are some songs on here that just hit you right in the gut, like Delta Rae’s “If I Loved You,” “Sober” by Kelly Clarkson, “Masterpiece” by Jessie J., and Miranda Lambert’s “Bathroom Sink,” not to mention “She Don’t Love You” by Eric Paslay.

This playlist–much like Caridad and Owen’s journey to happiness and love–is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

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