So I’m going off topic today and talking about something completely unrelated to writing, reading or books.

I saw the coolest thing ever last night: a live-tweeted heart transplant.

Baylor University Medical Center (@BaylorHealth) in Dallas is where my husband got his kidney transplant, so I follow them on Facebook and Twitter to show my support and approval of such a great medical institution (seriously, everyone with Baylor has been fantastic to work with). Last night they posted to Facebook they were going to be live tweeting a heart transplant (#HeartTXLive and #heartTX), and I was all over it.

Yeah, I’m a dork. But transplants are something kind of near and dear to me, and the entire process is just fascinating. The tweets and conversations were informative, heart warming and at times highly emotional (at least for me, but I cry at commercials).

Some highlights:

And this beautiful, miraculous tweet:

And this, from her husband:

Not to mention this quote from the recipient herself:

See? I told you things got emotional! I was a mess reading these things (and, yes, I cried when they posted the video of her new heart beating on its own, because that’s such a beautiful sound).

These two tweets from Southwest Transplant really helped drive home the facts:

Obviously, I’m an organ donor (believe it or not, I was on the fence about it until my husband needed a transplant; I registered the day we found out he needed one, and I’m now what you might call “passionate” about it), and think organ donors are absolutely amazing people who have a special place carved out for them in Heaven. It’s a highly personal decision, but this puts the need for organs into stark perspective:

If you’re an organ donor–thank YOU. If you’re not, that’s okay, too (like I said, it’s a highly personal decision). Want to be an organ donor but don’t know where to sign up? Or maybe you just want more info before making a decision? Check out Donate Life America. Their website has lots of great info on it, along with a registration form if you are so inclined.

In the meantime, I am so, so happy that “Jane” has a new heart thanks to the generous gift of her donor, and that according to Baylor’s last update on her she’s doing well. And I will continue to be forever awe-inspired at the miracles of modern medicine and the gift of life.

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