There are so many resources out there on the web. It’s insane. This page will probably be updated on a pretty regular basis as I find additional resources to share with y’all, but for now, here are some good starting points.

Author Earnings – Run by Hugh Howey, Author Earnings takes a look at, well, author earnings, comparing indie vs trad publishing (often with fascinating results)

kBoards – One of the best indie author message boards around, kBoards is dedicated to Kindle. Most of the forums are actually for readers, but the Writer’s Cafe is a fantastic resource and gathering of brand new and highly successful indie authors

Marie Force – Seriously. I want to be Marie Force when I grow up. She has some fantastic resources on her website, has started up a self publishing Yahoo loop that’s fantastic, runs an annual survey of her readers regarding reading and purchasing habits, offers classes, etc. Not only is she super successful–she’s also super helpful, and gives a lot back to the indie community.

Romance Authors Connect – This is a Facebook group that actually came about thanks to a kBoards post, comprised mostly of indie erotic romance and romance authors. We’re a small group and you have to be approved by an admin, but we share lots of helpful information and support. It’s not one of the Facebook groups people spam with constant advertisements, although we do celebrate our new releases.

Indie Romance Ink Yahoo Loop – One of two Yahoo loops I’m a member of, this one is pretty big and pretty active. It’s full of veterans of the publishing industry–women who have been trad published for decades and have moved over to indie publishing and women who have indie published for years–and newbies and everyone in-between. There are NYT Best Sellers, award-winning authors, and writers who are living the dream and making a living with their books. Conversations run from craft to marketing to industry talk to helping guide newbies along in the process, and it’s spam-free.

Sherry Peters | Writing Success Coach – Full disclosure here, Sherry’s a friend of mine from grad school. She’s also an awesome person and knows her stuff, and is the author of Silencing Your Inner Saboteur and Blueprint for Writing Success (along with her Mabel Goldenaxe stories).

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