Caught Up In You

Leah Montgomery never expected to see Jack Michaelson again. After all, he’d left her eight years ago — alone and pregnant — so why would he come back now?

Unaware of the secrets Leah’s been keeping from him, Jack’s moved back with the thought that maybe there’s still some chemistry left between them. What he finds is chemistry, along with a changed Leah. She’s curvier, softer, even more beautiful than she’d been at the age of twenty-one, and very much a wounded soul. Determined to uncover her secrets — and her luscious body — Jack pursues Leah (and unfortunately keeps putting his foot in his mouth).

Leah didn’t expect to still be attracted to Jack, but as he’s standing across from her at her sister’s wedding, the old attraction turns into something new. She tries everything in her power to deny her growing feelings, but when Leah’s sister gives her a magical bracelet and keeps dreaming up reasons to throw them together, it becomes impossible for Leah and Jack to keep their hands off each other. Before they can find happiness, though, they have to clear up the past — and open themselves up to the feelings that never quite disappeared.