Devils Ranch Series

Meet the men of The Devils Ranch, an exclusive hunting ranch in the wilds of southwest Texas.

Between the Seams

Chase Roberts is the quintessential Good Guy. Attractive, athletic, intelligent and successful, he’s the kind of guy any woman would love to take home to Mama. Except there’s one small problem: Chase has never really gotten over his former best friend—and first love—Jolene “Jo” Westwood, who broke his heart as a teen. Now, all grown up with two thriving businesses, Chase has enough to worry about. But when Jo comes home for a couple of months to help take care of her grandmother, Chase finds that the heart doesn’t care one bit about timing.

Baseball and Other Lessons

Matt Roberts had it all. Fame. Fortune. His dream job and a fancy condo in THE place to be in Dallas. With one pitch and one line drive, it was over. Well, at least it was according to a tweet from ESPN. In an effort to lick his wounds and evade the Dallas media, Matt comes home to Del Rio while his fractured skull heals. Meanwhile, his team’s heading towards a pennant race and he’s not there on the mound. Add in a redhead who’s so not his type (she’s a teacher, for God’s sake!) and yet who seems to know how to push ALL of his buttons, and Matt suddenly finds himself at a crossroads between the career he’d loved and worked so hard for, and a future that’s far too uncertain. Can Jenn McDonnell teach Matt that there’s more to life than baseball, or is this relationship doomed to strikeout?

Hair Trigger Heart

Owen Daniels generally loves three things: hard work, being outdoors, and women. And not in that particular order. He never thought that agreeing to help with guided hunts at the Devils Ranch would end in those three loves being combined. But when Caridad Mathews, current women’s Three Gun champion, shows up two days before deer season, Owen finds himself fascinated by the curvy, tough as nails woman with the quick smile and deadly accurate aim. Nevermind the fact that neither of them is looking for love, or that they’ll be out of each other’s lives after a week—the heart wants what it wants.

Dallas’ Most Eligible

Darrin Mann knows what it’s like to claw your way to the top. Growing up as the oldest of four with an absentee mother, Darrin worked his ass off to get out of the little three bedroom house he’d grown up in just outside of Beaumont. Now a hotshot sports agent and Dallas’ newly crowned Most Eligible Bachelor, Darrin enjoys the finer things in life—expertly tailored Italian suits, the best wine money can buy, and the occasional perfectly coiffed woman. There’s just one problem—being crowned Dallas’ Most Eligible Bachelor is making life a bit unbearable. In an effort to escape the media and random, kind of creepy, pairs of panties left on his doorstep and mailed to his office, Darrin decides to spend some time down at The Devils Ranch, which he owns along with Chase, Matt, and Owen…where he meets Miranda Jacobson, the most imperfectly coiffed woman imaginable. What could Dallas’ Most Eligible Bachelor and a wildlife biologist have in common? More than they think…

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