2015 Year-End Review

Or maybe that should be 2015 "rear-end" review. Because, seriously y'all, 2015 was...quite the year. To say the least. On a personal note: there were highs and lows. The year began with my husband receiving a kidney transplant from his cousin, Alicia, and ended with...

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For That Writer On Your Christmas List

Anyone who's married to, dating, or really knows a writer knows that we can be a bit...odd. Whereas normal people ask for video games and iPads for Christmas, we writers get excited over the truly weird stuff like feather boa-wearing alligator ornaments or candles...

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Hair Trigger Heart Now Available!

It's been a busy past few days, and I totally forgot to announce here that Hair Trigger Heart is now available. Sorry about that. (But if you get my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, you already knew that. *wink*) At any rate, I hope y'all enjoy Owen's story. This...

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Playlist: Hair Trigger Heart

If y'all have figured out one thing about me by now, it's probably that I have playlists for each book (and that I love friends to lovers romances, because I mention that A LOT). Hair Trigger Heart is no different (imagine that!). 🙂 So without further ado, here is...

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Cover Reveal: Hair Trigger Heart

Cover Reveal: Hair Trigger Heart

If you follow me on Facebook, you (hopefully) saw my post yesterday afternoon about finally completing Hair Trigger Heart. Yay! In honor of that, I figure it's time to do a quick cover reveal. Who's ready to "meet" Owen? 😉 Keep an eye out here for upcoming excerpts...

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Romance Tropes: Readers’ Favorites

RWA (Romance Writers of America) and Nielsen released the results of the 2014 Romance Book Buyer Report yesterday, and one of the topics I'm seeing talked about a lot on the interwebs is romance tropes and which ones are readers' favorites. The top 10 tropes from...

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Reading Roundup: September

Ack! How did it get to be October 7th already?! Obviously, I'm a little behind on getting my Reading Round for September posted, considering I'm just now realizing it's October 7th. But better late than never, right? Right. At any rate, thanks to my husband beginning...

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Ramblings of a Crazy Writer

To be fair, I'm using the term "crazy" loosely here. I realize I'm not actually crazy in the clinical sense, but there are times when I feel like I'm a little crazy. Bear with me here. Crap. Did I use the correct form of "bare?" Is it "bear" or "bare?" Blah. Anyway....

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Big Girls Need Love Too Won An Award!

After my Debbie Downer of a post earlier this week, I wanted to share some good, happy news (because, seriously, good, happy news is much better than sad, crappy news): Big Girls Need Love Too won an award! On a whim I decided to submit the cover to The Book Designer,...

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