Between the Seams

Devils Ranch Book 1

What happens when life throws you a curveball?

Chase Roberts is the quintessential Good Guy. Attractive, athletic, intelligent and successful, the former college baseball star and one-time major league prospect is the kind of guy any woman would love to take home to Mama. Except thereís one small problem: Chase has never really gotten over his former best friendóand first loveóJolene ìJoî Westwood, who broke his heart as a teen. Now, all grown up with two thriving businesses, Chase has enough to worry about.

Jo Westwood just wants to come home to Del Rio, Texas, help nurse her grandmother back to health and go back to her calm–okay, boring and lonely–life in Austin once the summer’s over. Unfortunately (fortunately?), her best-laid plans come to a screaming halt the moment she accidentally bumps into her former best friend–and first love–Chase Roberts in the feminine hygiene aisle. The cute boy she once knew has become a HOT man. A hot man who seemingly hates her. Great.

As the long, hot summer drags on, Chase and Jo find themselves spending more and more time together, resurrecting not-so dead feelings and putting the past behind them. Unfortunately, summer only lasts so long, and even love may not be able to survive long-held secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

Between the Seams Playlist

When I decided to set a series in Del Rio, I wanted to capture some of the things I love most about that part of the state: the food, the landscape, the culture, the wildlife. I also wanted to capture something else I love about Texas: the music.

In so many ways, Between the Seams is like a love letter to Texas Country music. Yes, there are obviously songs that are not Texas Country on this playlist, but by and large this book–and Jo and Chase–was influenced by the music that’s been springing up out of this great state over the past couple of decades.

For whatever reason, I always had “Oh, Tonight” and “Touch” by the Josh Abbott Band in my head when it came to Jo and Chase. The former has this hopefulness about it, and captures that feeling of stepping into something new. And “Touch” just…it’s sexy and kind of melancholy and aching and haunting and I could just see those two living out the words of the song.

And other songs…

I could totally see Jo at a Reckess Kelly concert, pumping her fist to “Nobody’s Girl,” or singing her heart out to Eli Young Band’s “Guinevere” and feeling every single word deep down in her soul. Jack Ingram’s “Barefoot and Crazy” kept playing in my head as I was writing a scene that takes place at Lake Amistad. And I couldn’t not include Del Rio’s own Radney Foster on this list, especially since “Nobody Wins” fit so perfectly. “Border Radio” by Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison does such a great job of capturing the feeling of the Texas/Mexico border, it seemed remiss to not have it in there, either.

So if you’re not familiar with Texas Country, give some of these songs a try and see what you think. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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