It’s been a busy past few months for my husband and me, but the biggest news is that as of last Friday (so, yes, Good Friday for those of you keeping track at home) he’s officially back on the waiting list.


Talk about a long, drawn-out process. Sheesh.

At first the issue was the BK Virus, which was totally understandable–they couldn’t exactly give him another transplant while that virus was still kicking around in his body. The virus finally went away, and then he had to have the first transplant removed at the end of December because his body was rejecting it and making him sick. And then it was a matter of his health insurance changing on January 1 and having to go through the re-approval process with insurance, then re-taking the education class at Baylor and re-doing ALL of the evaluations. Needless to say, it feels like there’s been a whole lot of “hurry up and wait.”

But two weeks ago we did the education class at Baylor and had another surgical consult (at this rate Dr. McKenna’s going to be like a member of the family, I swear…he’s done both of our pre-transplant consults, opened Phillip back up the night of the first transplant, AND removed the transplant back in September), and last Friday the committee gathered and said, “Yes, he can receive a transplant.”

I did a happy dance at dialysis on Friday afternoon that may or may not have been quite comical.

As of right now he has three potential living donors that we know of, so that’s moving along, too. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed, along with saying lots of prayers, that one of them is a match.

In the middle of all of this excitement, Phillip also had to get an A/V fistula last week. I’m posting a picture here, so that you don’t Google fistula and get pictures of OTHER types of fistulas and see things that require brain bleach and those memory eraser pens from Men in Black (seriously, y’all, Google at your own risk, but don’t say I didn’t warn you).

diaysis fistula

I am oddly fascinated by this thing, mostly because you can HEAR it. Without a stethoscope. You can also feel it (the easiest way to describe it is like a cat’s chest when it’s purring, just a gentle vibration). Here’s a recording Phillip took with his iPhone the other day:

Sounds like a sonogram, doesn’t it?

In writing news, I am not going to have Dallas’ Most Eligible released when I’d originally hoped. On top of all of the transplant stuff we’ve had going on, I’ve also been struggling with depression and anxiety, and honestly there are some days when it feels like a major accomplishment just to get out of bed (much less actually get dressed). That being said, I’m about a third of the way through it, and in some ways think this might be the most challenging book I’ve written to-date. Figuring out how to balance the on-going journeys of other characters while giving Darrin and Miranda their own story (and writing an eight-year-old into that in the process) is more complicated than I’d thought it would be. Oops.


At any rate, though, it IS coming. And then after that will be the first book in my next series (featuring a character that’s already appeared in a previous book, so yes, this is a spin-off series), and I’m toying with a surprise for later this year, too. 😉

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter, and keep an eye on your inbox and on my social media accounts for updates regarding Dallas’ Most Eligible. 🙂

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