Well, folks, it looks like I’m back in the saddle again.

Well, at least (hopefully) when it comes to blogging and updating this website. Over the past eight months or so, I never stopped writing, but I obviously didn’t update here (or, honestly, much on my Facebook page, either). Life’s been a tad bit crazy, but I am happy to report that my husband got his kidney transplant on January 20, 2015. So far the kidney’s working great. There have been a few minor complications, but overall things are going pretty well in that regard.

With the kidney transplant (and dialysis treatments) out of the way, I should be able to get back in the saddle in regards to my writing and my writing career. We all know that life can throw us unexpected curve balls, and that sometimes those curve balls knock us out of the game for a while (and okay, maybe I have the book I’m currently writing on my mind right now, considering that analogy), and that’s okay.

So what’s up for 2015? Well, first I need to sit down and really write down goals and a schedule for myself. My friend Shara wrote this great blog the other day about writing out a Five-Year Plan for herself and beginning to take her writing career more seriously. Like so many things in the almost sixteen years we’ve known each other (holy crap! did I really start my freshman year of college sixteen years ago?! I feel old.), her words really resonated with me. I’ve sometimes taken myself seriously as a writer, but haven’t buckled down and taken myself and my career seriously full time in years, if not ever.

Excuses are easy to make. I work full time. Life is freaking crazy (who’s life isn’t crazy?). My weekends are spent between our home in Austin and our ranch out in west Texas. There are chores around the house that need to be done. Groceries need to be purchased. The dogs need to be bathed. The yard needs to be mowed. The truck needs an oil change. I haven’t checked Facebook in ten minutes. The dogs want attention. Oh, hey, what’s that suspicious looking lady doing two houses down? I can’t believe he just let his dog crap in his neighbor’s yard! The laundry won’t fold itself.

writer procrastination memeActually, if you ask any writer, we can all give you LOTS of excuses for not writing. And don’t even let me get started on research. What begins as a legitimate Google search will turn into a five-hour rabbit hole of the interwebs, culminating with me watching 1990s music videos on YouTube. Yeah, I’m totally that chick.

At any rate, though, part of getting back in the saddle is me figuring out a plan, writing it down and sticking to it. That includes more frequent blogging, possibly about a variety of topics.

Until next time!

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